Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yellowhammer Expanding and New Releases

I recently had the opportunity to stop by Yellowhammer and checkout their brewery once again. It had been awhile since I had been by and they mentioned I should come see their new equipment. They are in the process of getting all of the new equipment connected and fully tested. The current plan is to have everything ready to start brewing in the next few weeks. This new equipment will allow Yellowhammer to brew larger amounts of beer and help make sure there is enough beer for everyone.

Yellowhammer is also planning on releasing two new beers this weekend, 1819 Dubbel and Lost Highway Schwarzbier. The Nook should be having both on tap starting this Saturday, 2/18/2012. Make sure you get out and try the 1819 Dubbel as this will be a limited release.
Lost Highway is a dark ale crafted in the spirit of a German Schwarzbier, or "black beer." A blend of German Munich malt, Vienna malt and "huskless" roasted malts give this beer a subtle toastiness without creating a more harsh roasted character. ABV 5.8% 
1819 Dubbel is inspired by Trappist brewing tradition. We use European pilsner malt and Belgian dark candi sugar to brew this deep, rich ale. Dark fruits and malts are predominant in the aroma and follow through to the palate, which is soft, but with a Belgian spiciness. ABV 8.5%

Brand new fermentor #1

Fermentor #2

Boil Kettle

Mash Tun

Inside the mash tun

I wonder what these are for?

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